After Hedi Slimane took over CELINE, he made a drastic change, and changed the minimalist style, so most loyal fans are unaccustomed. In November, 2018, the new CELINE bag was officially launched after a series of star publicity, such as the during fashion week, the goddess Lady Gaga, Angelina Jolie, BLACKPINK’s Lisa, and C BAG, who was ridiculed for Chanel. Here, I will give you a test of the new bag, from the design details to the card position, the road to buy the package can be more sober, and these tips can be used as a reference for distinguishing between authenticity and replica.

Left: 16 BAG Black Calf Leather Small Shoulder Bag

Right: C BAG Black Plaid Calf Leather Medium-sized Chain Bag

No wonder Lady Gaga loves it.

16 BAG is the first thought of Hedi Slimane’s in first day of taking office. It is named after the CELINE Paris headquarters address number, inspired by the Parisian style of handbags, and the first appearance was by Lady Gaga in fashion week, and it is on the hot search after she carried. People laughed at the old-fashioned at the beginning, and later thought it was more and more practical, the more you look, the more charm it has.

The goddess Lady Gaga not only once appeared with 16 BAG.


Angelina Jolie Carries 16 BAG to make her private clothes more stylish.

The BLACKPINK member Lisa is obviously sweet, and there is without feeling weird when carrying 16 BAG.

16 BAG authentic bag feel very light, all body is made of black leather, with square shape, it is easy to match your clothes.

Looking at the details, there are many surprises, such as the buckle of the bag, the metal lock head, the bronze half-moon lock of the, the buckle of the strap, the anti-collision nail at the bottom, etc., adding the handbags’ texture. The sleek edge of the top cover, locks, and etc. are CELINE 60s design details, so it can not be said that its lock head details copy Sac De Jour, since it looks more like the Cabas Chyc Bag.

The stitching is also hidden in the leather piping section, making the edge of the bag softer and smoother.

Open the bag, you can find that the 16 BAG has a total of five layers, two front and back side pockets, and the middle space is divided into three parts. The storage function of the handbag is quite good.

At first glance, you will find that the 16 BAG feels very correct, and it is good to make matching, at the same time, the storage function is quite good, and it is very light.

The most special details of distinguishing the originals and the replicas: Many hardware details are engraved with the CELINE Logo, which has high technical.

The strap is also put on the brand logo with hot stamping technology, such LOGO can find 10 in the bag.

Half-moon buckle is very practical to open and close.

The metal lock head can lock the zipper bag in the middle of the inner layer, and it is also considered at a beautiful decoration when hang on it outside.

CELINE’s leather piping in the 60’s is more sleek and sturdy from the side.

Compared with the simple storage space of CELINE handbags in the past (may only have one large space with one side zipper bag), the storage layer of the new CELINE theme package is as more as five layers.

C BAG’s punk charm is different from Chanel

Hedi Slimane took over the CELINE and launched the second bag called “C BAG”. The envelope-shaped square bag and the plaid detail with metal chain design are considered to imitate the classic handbag of the Chanel’s home.

But I think the charm between two is completely different. Compared to Chanel’s modern and pretty, this C BAG seems like cool punk style and exudes femininity, so they are two different styles, even Justin Bieber’s supermodel wife Hailey Bieber and Korean group 2ne1 leader CL love it, and they happen to coincide with whole black wearing appearance.

This bag is a calfskin leather that feels very soft to the touch and feels light on the back.

Its buckle switch and check seam are very retro, which are considered to be the CELINE designs from the 1970s and 1980s.

Korean Women’s Group 2NE1 captain CL, Justin Bieber supermodel wife Hailey Bieber love the black C BAG, there is a cool taste.

The B BAG is a combination of black and white color, and it is very eye-catching and is versatile with any color.

Of course, C BAG is full of details. The CELINE Logo on the hardware is aligned with 16 BAG. The metal link of the strap is inspired by the chain of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. The length can be adjusted. The round leather shoulder pad on the strap is to provide comfort for the backpack. The CELINE bronzing logo details are also printed on the top.

For the common cutting places of leather bags, which are often cracked due to degumming, C BAG also uses a very fine edge technology to make the handbag more durable.

It is also first-class in the accommodation, the opening bag is divided into five layers, although it is a small bag, the storage function is extraordinary.

Brand logo details are engraved in hardware details.

The metal ring design strap does not make the bag too heavy.

In addition to the logo on the hardware, the leather also displays the brand logo in hot stamping and embossing.

From the side, the clear visible edging process is not easy to degumming.


It looks like a small C BAG has a five-story storage space, which is practical.