In many people’s minds, Céline is equivalent to the “It Bag manufacturing machine”. Released during the early 2010 spring collection, Celine Classic Box bag is also the first package for creative director Phoebe Philo to fight for Celine. And she also won the “British Designer of the Year” for the second time for it. Fashion bloggers call it “Box bag”—a lovely name.
Basic structure
Considered as the lowest-key bag in IT Bag, Celine Box has no logo of the brand. It can meet the needs of customers through the a special pattern of python, crocodile, ostrich and fur, except classic solid color. Box bag is divided into three models(Medium: 24*18*6cm, Small: 18.5*14*9 cm), however, the large was discontinued in 2003.
Matching guide
When cross-body, you’d better choose a relaxed and casual style. Under the clothing, it easily displays itself understated luxury texture. Even removing the shoulder strap, this bag is still fashion, no matter you take it in hand or under your arm.
Anne Hathaway with Celine Classic Box Bag
Since it born, Celine Classic Box Bag has been on the road of IT BAG and become one of the hottest bags for abundant reasons.
First, Box is beautiful
This is the beauty of simplicity that is not easily eliminated by the times. The curved design side highlights the feminine temperament, and the metal buckles without the trim add a retro feel. Although the bag does not have any extra embellishments, it does not lose its low-key beauty.
Second, Box is practical
The design of the inner is reasonable and practical. There are five areas in total which can separate the effective areas for things. Different sizes can be selected according to daily needs, or height. The medium width of shoulder strap can meet the most basic needs: one shoulder, cross-body, handcuffs and hand.
Celine Box has produced hundreds of colors, mostly in solid colors. This is actually a business-minded approach.
Again, leather is great
Box has 5 regular skins: goat sheepskin and processed after the cowhide: smooth cowhide, cork fine-grain calfskin, wavy cowhide and mirrored cowhide. In addition, Box also has rare leather: crocodile skin, lizard skin, python skin, fetal cow fur, etc. Unlike some brands that use wild animal hides, Celine has its own crocodile farm which is designed for use in bags. Although the cost is increased, the brand still insists the concept, and some of the cultured crocodiles will be returned to nature for ecological balance.
Ostrich leather Celine Classic
Finally, mention price
For example, in cork fine-grained calfskin, Celine Box is priced at only a quarter of the price of the same luxury item (Hermes Constance).
The distribution system of Box is implemented. You should buy a accessories before the bag. However, the distribution implementation system did not affect the sales of this bag, and of course accelerated the sales of other accessories.