Inspired by the classic Celine handbag, the Trapeze combines Classic’s elegant square-lock design, Luggage’s casual high-capacity wings and Cabas’ casual attitude. The highlights: exquisite shape, the dual-use design of single handle and shoulder strap meeting the needs of women’s different life scenes. Moreover, based on the style of the skin, the variety selection is rich.

In the past years, Celine has been working hard on the skin, expect countless colors. Stitching series of different materials and colors: wild calfskin and suede, python skin, wool, and of course pit. Cotton cloth, canvas stitching.

Structural analysis
Overall appearance: external and internal

The length of the bottom of the small size is the same as the length of the 500ml cola bottle. Because the “ear” design on both sides of the bag makes it look bigger, but it can’t hold a small notebook (such as a MacBook Air 13-inch laptop). Other sizes can be calculated by yourself.

Small size: width 27** height 22* thickness 15CM
Medium size: length 30* height 24* bottom width 17CM
Large size: length 33* height 25.4* width 19CM

The whole body is open, and a hard rectangular design at the bottom ensures the 3D shape. There is no compartment inside but two pockets inside. You can sort small items such as lipstick hand cream or bus card.

This feature is the splicing and mixing of many leathers. The net weight of the small swing bag is 804.5g, which is nearly 100g lighter than the weight of a bottle of 500ml and a 330ml cola. It is worth mentioning that there is no metal nail base at the bottom. This design adds a lot to the whole weight loss, but it may need to pay more attention to prevent wear.
In addition, this package is very powerful in addition to its large capacity. It is mainly equipped with a zipper inside which is safe and convenient. Therefore, it will not be seen after the bag is opened, and privacy and security are guaranteed.
There are buttons on the both sides ears of the bag. This button is not only a simple decorative effect, it can also be buckled. The swing bag and the unbuttoned swing bag are slightly different in appearance.
Most importantly, the design of the swing bag lock is also very hard. It is necessary to open the outermost metal buckle first, and then rotate the metal buckle inside to completely open the buckle. Such a buckle design is rare in the bag design, and the safety index is improved!
Finally, The swing bag provides at least 3 kinds of back methods, and the length of the shoulder strap is not adjustable, so that it is more compact and light.