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What are the best and most favorite handbags for Angelina Jolie? Well, without any hesitation, it’s worth to mention that Angelina Jolie is absolutely fond of Celine bags. It’s quite true that many celebs love Celine bags and they have been seen flaunting such handbags in various events and occasions. And, Angelina Jolie is surely one of them. Of course, this star cum diva is an epitome of sensational beauty, style, and elegance. She is also quite famous and well-known for her epic fashion sense. The star prefers to flaunt unique and exclusive outfits from time to time. Rest assured that she has a special preference for Celine bags.celine_luggage celebrities

Now, you may be wondering why this gorgeous diva loves carrying Celine handbags all the time? Well, there are many reasons behind it. Celine bags have an excellent style and design for sure. These bags help you get a fabulous look. Plus, the quality and craftsmanship of these bags are truly unquestionable and they ensure a long-lasting value too. Due to these reasons, there are many eminent celebrities who prefer and favor Celine bags, such as Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga, and more.

Now, please keep reading and reveal information on the stars like Angelina Jolie who have seen carrying Celine IT bag.

Know your favorite stars wearing Celine IT bag

i) Celine 16 Bags: Undoubtedly, these are considered to be one of the best and most beautiful exotic leather-based handbags which combine the terrific quality, design, and craftsmanship of the reputed Celine brand. Angelina Jolie had been recently seen flaunting a Celine 16 Bag which had a vibrant and bold black leather polishing. It was excellently paired up with her white attire. Surely, this particular helped her to get a stylish yet sophisticated look.

ii) Celine Triomphe Bag: Celine Triomphe Bags are well-known for its versatility. The best part is that these bags can be paired for both casual functions and formal events. Numerous celebs have been found carrying Celine Triomphe bags including Angelina Jolie. She was carrying a black-colored Celine Triomphe bag which had calf leather material, adjustable straps, zipper pockets, and three big compartments.

iii) Celine 2017 Medium Clasp Bag: During one of her casual shopping sessions with her kids, Angelina Jolie was found carrying a Celine 2017 medium clasp bag. It’s a simply classic and elegant handbag indeed. It comes with a plain white color and plenty of spaces to place all of your much-needed belongings.

The most fashionable It bag this fall: CELINE TRIOMPHE handbags, abundant celebrities including Angelina Jolie fancy it http://kirishima.cc/2019/09/26/the-most-fashionable-it-bag-this-fall-celine-triomphe-handbags-abundant-celebrities-including-angelina-jolie-fancy-it/ Thu, 26 Sep 2019 07:34:48 +0000 http://kirishima.cc/?p=587 The Old Céline of Phoebe Philo period is full of charming simplicity and elegance, while the CELINE after Hedi Slimane takes over has gorgeous personality. If we talk about the best…
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The Old Céline of Phoebe Philo period is full of charming simplicity and elegance, while the CELINE after Hedi Slimane takes over has gorgeous personality. If we talk about the best combination of styles on both sides, this is the CELINE TRIOMPHE handbag, which combines modern modernity with vintage charm thanks to the lines of the square and the delicate buckle design, becoming the new generation of CELINE It Bag.

CELINE TRIOMPHE bag uses the embossed lock on the opening and closing of the handbag as a symbol of personality. Art Director Hedi Slimane reconstructed the official logo of CELINE in the 1970s. This is Celine Vipiana, the founder of the brand, who happened to fall into the eye of TRIOMPHE chain of Arc de Triomphe after a car broke down. As a result, she created Blazon Chaine metal buckles, which were widely used in handbags, jewelry and footwear designs, and became a unique emblem of the brand.

For many people, the first sight of Triomphe is a natural reminder of the previous generation of timeless CELINE Classic Box bags. Indeed, the two bags are quite similar in size and material and structure. In a sense, Céline Triomphe is the “upgraded” version of the Classic Box designed by Hedi.

Céline Triomphe bag is a historical inspiration package that pays tribute to CELINE’s founder, Ms. Celine Vipiana. The compact bag with decorative buckles makes it the simplest masterpiece in the new CELINE bags. The buckle is in line with the dual C design in the eline Archive. It is a bag that is both retro and elegant, and tribute to the brand’s history. The CELINE Triomphe handbag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap that ensures it can be used as a shoulder bag or cross-body bag. Girls of all heights can find the best proportions.

Moreover, this fall, CELINE TRIOMPHE handbags are also ushered in a brand new color system, with rare leather and smooth calf leather material to create slippery lines, and dyed with autumn and winter flavor of Burgundy red, earthenware, ochre yellow, caramel, celadon and stone grey, although small, but still retains excellent practicality since it contains roomy storage capacity of three big compartments, zipper pockets, and card slots. There is also a strap that can be adjusted in length makes its functionality terribly upgraded.

CELINE TRIOMPHE bag, which is suitable for casual or formal occasions, has also let numerous celebs compete to carry it including Angelina Jolie, Lisa of BLACKPINK, supermodel Liu Wen and so on.

CELINE TRIOMPHE bag is undoubtedly the most fashionable topic handbag this fall. Have you got it?

Ekx.su tells you that buying quality Tiffany replica is a better option http://kirishima.cc/2019/05/20/ekx-su-tells-you-that-buying-quality-tiffany-replica-is-a-better-option/ Mon, 20 May 2019 07:37:53 +0000 http://kirishima.cc/?p=556 Are you looking for a replica Tiffany site to purchase authentic and luxurious jewelry, then you can’t ignore ekx.su, one of the most popular destinations for everyone. You could choose…
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Replica Tiffany introductionreplica jewelry at ekx.su

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About replica Tiffany Elsa Peretti jewelryTiffany Elsa Peretti replica jewelry price

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ConclusionTiffany&co clone jewels at ekx

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Picked by Lady Gaga and Angelina Jolie, Celine “16” is definitely the next it Bag http://kirishima.cc/2019/03/25/picked-by-lady-gaga-and-angelina-jolie-celine-16-is-definitely-the-next-it-bag/ Mon, 25 Mar 2019 07:33:51 +0000 http://kirishima.cc/?p=531 Since Hedi Slimane took over Celine, the evaluation of the two poles makes us very curious about how the brand will develop in the future. After few months from his first…
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Since Hedi Slimane took over Celine, the evaluation of the two poles makes us very curious about how the brand will develop in the future. After few months from his first season show, the charm of Hedi Slimane is beginning to ferment, from the costumes of many awards ceremony to the brand’s first appearance of the classic bag “16” proves that Hedi Slimane has the ability to gain people’s hearts.

Before Hedi Slimane’s first Celine release, Lady Gaga was the first to expose a square bag, with a black design and a gold buckle embellishment. The elegance has a strong personality and luxury, and the overall suit of the Lady Gaga character makes people Unforgettable, soon Hedi Slimane confirmed that the bag was his first accessory piece “16”.

Compared to Lady Gaga’s formal dressing, Angelina Jolie showed Celine “16” bag with a simple and casual look. She uses wide pants with a T dress, which perfectly highlights the bag’s stylish and versatile characteristics. From formal wear to casual outfits, Celine 16 can be a perfect combination.

In recent years, the Korean group BlackPink, which has been a topic of constant interest, has become a popular indicator among many young girls. Among them, Lisa uses a sweet hit to exhibit the Celine 16 bag, which seems to be a conflicting style, but because of this contrast, it’s eye-catching and once again proves that the bag is terribly easy to be matched.

In the era of small packages, you must think that such a business bag will be too mature for a little girl, please don’t worry that Celine has already thought about the measures, and narrow down the package so that Celine 16 can be directly reduced to a small bag.

The reduced version of the Celine 16 bag has the same overall design as the original size. Gold fasteners and lock keys are fully configured. When you open the inner bag, you can see the three-layered compartment. The lock outside the bag makes it easy to store more intimate objects.

The details are the same as those of the Celine Triomphe Bag. They all have the name of the imprinted series. The simple two numbers of 16 make the overall design more appealing. In addition to the three main large compartments, the inner lining also has a small interlayer made of leather, which makes it more convenient for you to store. Compared to the past Celine, Hedi Slimane made a lot of separations on the bag. From Triomphe, C to 16, the blogger personally recommend the Celine 16 bag, and the simple appearance makes it more convenient for everyday wear. Enough layering and two size options give u more comprehensive choice.


Shopping Tips: The most worth-owning Celine Bags #A http://kirishima.cc/2019/03/19/shopping-tips-the-most-worth-owning-celine-bags-a/ Tue, 19 Mar 2019 07:38:01 +0000 http://kirishima.cc/?p=519 In the ten years of Phoebe Philo’s creative director, Celine has quickly emerged as one of the most prestigious luxury brands and can be recognized at a glance only with…
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In the ten years of Phoebe Philo’s creative director, Celine has quickly emerged as one of the most prestigious luxury brands and can be recognized at a glance only with its unique low-sexual temperament. Following Hedi Slimane’s replacement of Phoebe Philo as the new Celine Creative Director in 2018, the news of the “Phoebe Philo Era” Celine bag is about to stop production, which has brought the brand’s popularity to a higher level. The Celine bags that will be reviewed in this article will soon be on the “must buy list” and will last forever. What are their charms?

1. Celine Luggage bagTo says that many people know Celine, it starts with this package. The bag is like a “smiley face”, so it is called “smiley face bag”. Since the launch of the 2010 Spring Holiday Collection, the Celine Luggage has quickly become the Favorite of a well-known celebrity and street hipsters. It is Celine’s signature Handbag.Over the years, there have been many styles of Luggage bags. It is available in four sizes (Nano, Micro, Mini, Phantom), and there is always one that meets your aesthetic and needs.

2.Celine Classic bagsAs its name suggests, “Classic” has become the most representative Celine bag. The stiff body, in addition to a metal buckle on the surface, has no other design and is regarded by the industry as a representative of “minimalism”.It has been launched for 9 years, still shining in the fashion circle, and its popularity is high, which shows its classic status. The bag was launched in three sizes, and the large size was discontinued in 2013. Currently, we are common with medium and small.

3.Celine Belt bagBorn in the early autumn of 2014, this bag has two hanging slender bands that resemble squid, so it was given the name “Squid bag”.

The “squid bag” is light in weight and made of grain calfskin with high durability. The appearance is simple and elegant, the body has abandoned the complicated decoration, and only the long belt is hung down at the cover, which is full of fun. Due to the lack of extra compartments in the bag, the capacity is considerable and suitable for daily commuting.

4.Celine Clasp bag
Introduced in 2017, this bag is another masterpiece of Phoebe Philo’s minimalism. Like “Classic”, the whole body is simple and clean, but it has a strong retro charm, full of the elegance of the 1950s.

The “Clasp” bag is inspired by the vintage handbag. The bag is only marked with a gold vintage buckle. It will give a crisp “cough” sound when it is switched. It is made from smooth calfskin and is lined with soft lambskin. Unsurprisingly, it became one of the hottest designer bags in 2017.

Fascinating landscape: Japan Kirishima City http://kirishima.cc/2019/03/05/fascinating-landscape-japan-kirishima-city/ Tue, 05 Mar 2019 07:34:26 +0000 http://kirishima.cc/?p=502 About Kirishima CityKirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture is a sightseeing city with the first national park in Japan. Kirishima City is located in the central part of Kagoshima Prefecture. On the…
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About Kirishima CityKirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture is a sightseeing city with the first national park in Japan. Kirishima City is located in the central part of Kagoshima Prefecture. On the north side is a volcano known as Kirishima Mountain. It attracts many tourists with its natural scenery of the four seasons and numerous hot springs.

The historyIn the legend of Japan, the nine gods descended on the first step of the land – Takachiho peak. It is regarded as the birthplace of Japanese history. In addition, there are also the remains of the great tribes (the remains of Uenohara) about 9,500 years ago. It is an important historical material for unraveling the history of Japan. Kirishima inscribed a long history from the time of the gods to the modern era. Here is a thumbnail of Japanese history. According to the records of the founding myth of Japan, the gods found a small island that emerged in the fog, and they used a spear to insert it here as a mark. This is the Kirishima Mountain. So far, the top of the Takachiho Peak is still standing on the top of the hill. After that, Amaterasu sent his grandson Sun Qiongqiong and eight gods to come down. Their place of arrival, Takachiho Peak, is the land where the sun is coming. It is said that the history of Japan began from then on.

Featured Cultural: Kirishima Shrine and Kirishima Festival

There are two very important cultural heritages in Kirishima, Japan, Kirishima Shrine and Kagoshima Shrine. The Kirishima Shrine worships the ancient shrine of the protagonist Joan Joan of the founding myth of Japan.There are many festivals in Kirishima. The ceremonies of the founding myths and legends that have been passed down from generation to generation also have large-scale events that have emerged as new places of communication. During the year, there are various festivals and activities in Kirishima. No matter which festival or event is full of rich local flavor and personality. When the cool breeze blowing over the peaks of Kirishima announces the end of the summer, a festival to pray to the gods will be held, which perfectly presents the Japanese tradition and expresses the wishes of the Japanese people.

Dadi Park: Kirishima Volcano
The natural landscape of the volcanic group in the Kirishima Mountains is very famous. There is a world-famous high-altitude mountain crater lake, the big wave pool, and the hot springs that permeate the hot springs between the mountains, so that people can truly feel the vitality of the earth. In spring, there are pink Kyushu island cuckoos, green grassland in summer, red leaves in autumn, and silvery frost in winter. If you come here in any season, you will be touched.

Health resort: Kirishima OnsenThere are a wide variety of hot spring resorts in the Kirishima city. There are 11 types of hot springs and 121 public baths with hot springs. It is the first in Kagoshima Prefecture. There is also a hot spring town designated as a hot spring resort and a national health spa resort since ancient times. It is one of the few hot spring sightseeing spots in the prefecture. While enjoying the tranquil scenery while taking a hot spring, you will be able to eliminate the fatigue of daily accumulation and your mood will be extremely comfortable and peaceful.

Celine Luggage Classic Bag Is European and American Stars’ Favorite Style http://kirishima.cc/2019/02/28/celine-luggage-classic-bag-is-european-and-american-stars-favorite-style/ Thu, 28 Feb 2019 03:14:51 +0000 http://kirishima.cc/?p=491 The Celine Luggage bag is a very popular style nowadays. We can see that it will appear in the street carrying by many famous stars and celebrities, and it is…
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The Celine Luggage bag is a very popular style nowadays. We can see that it will appear in the street carrying by many famous stars and celebrities, and it is now a long-lasting trend. Celine has been around for more than 60-year history, women’s handbags become the main project of Celine, which is loved by the European upper class because of its fine workmanship, let’s take a look the  detailed introduction.

In 1946, Celine was founded in leather and has a full 60 years of history. Since the transfer in 1959, women’s handbags have become the main project of Celine. The first boutique was mainly selling children’s shoes, and the leather goods series was followed. It is practical, and it is a hand-made product that is hand-sewn and finished like a horse model, that is why it is the favorite of European high society. Now that it has been 13 years, Celine Luggage Bag is still a hot spot for celebrities and hipsters, and it has become a long-lasting fashion item.

Celine Luggage

The Celine Luggage Boston collection features high-quality leather and python skin for a perfect texture, while the front of the bag looks like a “human face” so it is called a smiley bag! The finest materials and high-quality craftsmanship from the inside out, inadvertently embodying the simplicity and luxury of the Celine Luggage bag, at the same time, this bag also has great practicality and functionality, so it is inevitable to call IT bag.

Brooklyn DeCKer

The blue bat Luggage version is very simple and cute, and it complements the simple and cute outfit of the white T+ black bib + black shoes.

Bar Refaeli

Bar Refaeli’s classic black and white two-color Luggage bag, black and white clearly makes the “face” part clearer, very interesting, and more comfortable with black and white.

Kate Upton

Sexy supermodel Kate Upton also has a special liking for Celine Luggage. This leopard-printed Celine Luggage is more in line with her temperament, and is the finishing touch of her black and white.

Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio

Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio loves this bag. Recently, it is often carried, black and white gray sweater with black leggings and high boots. Under the loose sweater, there is no big belly. The boots are also low-heeled, plus this Celine Luggage. The package is more attractive.

Kate Walsh

Since last year, this bag has been accompanied by Kate Walsh. The plaid shirt dress is very unique. With a short leather jacket and motorcycle boots, it can show the charm of the Luggage bag under the youthful combination.

Miley Cyrus

The same is a very casual match, the body is basically black and gray, but this fluorescent yellow Celine Luggage bag makes the overall match very beautiful, the loose vest makes the bra slightly exposed, Miley Cyrus’ sports casual dress is more charming.

Alessandra Ambrosio

Phantom series crocodile pattern bat Celine Luggage bag. The “Phantom” series represents a new attitude, casual but yet luxurious, simple but distinct. It can show its extraordinary charm with ordinary clothes.

Travel Guide to Japan Kirishima City for Tourists http://kirishima.cc/2019/02/19/travel-guide-to-japan-kirishima-city-for-tourists/ Tue, 19 Feb 2019 05:00:40 +0000 http://kirishima.cc/?p=477 History of Japan Kirishima City Japan Kirishima City is located in the north of Kagoshima Bay in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. It was established on November 7, 2005, which is the…
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History of Japan Kirishima City

Japan Kirishima City is located in the north of Kagoshima Bay in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. It was established on November 7, 2005, which is the second-largest city in Kagoshima Prefecture. Because it is located at the junction of the Satsuma Peninsula and the Dagu Peninsula, and is adjacent to Miyazaki Prefecture, it is the transportation center of Kagoshima Prefecture. Many national highways and railways pass through it. The Kagoshima Airport, the largest airport in southern Kyushu, is also located in here. In 2007, it became a sister city with Liuyang City, Hunan Province.

Best Travel Time: Spring and Autumn

Recommended Days of Play: 1-2 Days

Local Climate: Humid Continental Climate

Language: Japanese


No.1 Kirishima Shrine;

No.2 Kirishima Onsen;

No.3 Kareigawa Station;

No.4 Ebino Plateau

No.1 Japan Kirishima Shrine

Japan’s Kirishima Shrine make the soul and beliefs purify. First of all, tickets are free. Kirishima Shrine is located in Kirishima, Kagoshima, Japan, and was created between Takachiho and Hiroshi. In 1484, it was rebuilt in the present place.

The shrine hall, which was sent by the fourth generation of the Satsuma, the main island of Tsujiji, was very luxuriously decorated and designated as an important cultural property of Japan. The Kirishima Shrine is so solemn for the red lacquered main hall, and the scenery is particularly charming when it comes to the cherry blossoms and maple leaves. There is also a soup for the tourists to soak in the foot of the big bird’s arch in the Kirishima Shrine, making it a famous sightseeing spot in Kirishima.

Take a bus from JR Nikko Main Line Kirishima Shrine Station and get off at Kirishima Shrine Station. The visit time is from 8:00 to 18:00.

No.2 Kirishima Onsen

Kirishima Onsen is on the mountainside of Kirishima Mountain, you can overlook Kagoshima Bay and Sakurajima from here. The area is made up of twelve Onsens, the largest of which is Maruzu Onsen. With its central location, Maruzu Onsen represents the entire Kirishima Onsen area. And there are many hotels and guesthouse around the Kirishima Onsen. Many of their springs are flowing, and each round of steaming looks like a large smoke.

Although Kirishima has been extremely developed, it has high quality water and it is close proximity to the natural beauty of Kirishima, making Kirishima a good base for exploring the national park. In addition, it is similar to the Ebino Plateau and Kirishima Shrine. Open Time: 11:00-18:00.

No.3 Kareigawa Station

Kawakegawa Station was built in 1903, and is the oldest station in Kagoshima Prefecture. It was recorded in the tangible cultural heritage of Japan in 2006. The station is a wooden structure, and when the train slowly comes from afar, it seems to have passed through a hundred years of time and space. The waiting room and the ticket window are still the same as before, and the time seems to solidify here.

No.4 Ebino Plateau

Ebino Plateau is one of the Kirishima Mountaineering Bases. In the northern part of the plateau, there are fixed pools and other Crater Lake which can be viewed along the natural research road. The color of the lake is the cobalt blue characteristic of the volcanic lake. It will form a sharp contrast in the seasons of the trees and the green leaves. It is a spa-rich sanatorium that can relieve fatigue in a hotel or bathing facility after hiking or climbing.

CELINE Designer Bag Measured: These Can Be Used as a Reference for Distinguishing Replicas and Authenticity http://kirishima.cc/2019/02/15/celine-designer-bag-measured-these-can-be-used-as-a-reference-for-distinguishing-replicas-and-authenticity/ Fri, 15 Feb 2019 11:17:44 +0000 http://kirishima.cc/?p=447 After Hedi Slimane took over CELINE, he made a drastic change, and changed the minimalist style, so most loyal fans are unaccustomed. In November, 2018, the new CELINE bag was officially launched after a…
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After Hedi Slimane took over CELINE, he made a drastic change, and changed the minimalist style, so most loyal fans are unaccustomed. In November, 2018, the new CELINE bag was officially launched after a series of star publicity, such as the during fashion week, the goddess Lady Gaga, Angelina Jolie, BLACKPINK’s Lisa, and C BAG, who was ridiculed for Chanel. Here, I will give you a test of the new bag, from the design details to the card position, the road to buy the package can be more sober, and these tips can be used as a reference for distinguishing between authenticity and replica.

Left: 16 BAG Black Calf Leather Small Shoulder Bag

Right: C BAG Black Plaid Calf Leather Medium-sized Chain Bag

No wonder Lady Gaga loves it.

16 BAG is the first thought of Hedi Slimane’s in first day of taking office. It is named after the CELINE Paris headquarters address number, inspired by the Parisian style of handbags, and the first appearance was by Lady Gaga in fashion week, and it is on the hot search after she carried. People laughed at the old-fashioned at the beginning, and later thought it was more and more practical, the more you look, the more charm it has.

The goddess Lady Gaga not only once appeared with 16 BAG.


Angelina Jolie Carries 16 BAG to make her private clothes more stylish.

The BLACKPINK member Lisa is obviously sweet, and there is without feeling weird when carrying 16 BAG.

16 BAG authentic bag feel very light, all body is made of black leather, with square shape, it is easy to match your clothes.

Looking at the details, there are many surprises, such as the buckle of the bag, the metal lock head, the bronze half-moon lock of the, the buckle of the strap, the anti-collision nail at the bottom, etc., adding the handbags’ texture. The sleek edge of the top cover, locks, and etc. are CELINE 60s design details, so it can not be said that its lock head details copy Sac De Jour, since it looks more like the Cabas Chyc Bag.

The stitching is also hidden in the leather piping section, making the edge of the bag softer and smoother.

Open the bag, you can find that the 16 BAG has a total of five layers, two front and back side pockets, and the middle space is divided into three parts. The storage function of the handbag is quite good.

At first glance, you will find that the 16 BAG feels very correct, and it is good to make matching, at the same time, the storage function is quite good, and it is very light.

The most special details of distinguishing the originals and the replicas: Many hardware details are engraved with the CELINE Logo, which has high technical.

The strap is also put on the brand logo with hot stamping technology, such LOGO can find 10 in the bag.

Half-moon buckle is very practical to open and close.

The metal lock head can lock the zipper bag in the middle of the inner layer, and it is also considered at a beautiful decoration when hang on it outside.

CELINE’s leather piping in the 60’s is more sleek and sturdy from the side.

Compared with the simple storage space of CELINE handbags in the past (may only have one large space with one side zipper bag), the storage layer of the new CELINE theme package is as more as five layers.

C BAG’s punk charm is different from Chanel

Hedi Slimane took over the CELINE and launched the second bag called “C BAG”. The envelope-shaped square bag and the plaid detail with metal chain design are considered to imitate the classic handbag of the Chanel’s home.

But I think the charm between two is completely different. Compared to Chanel’s modern and pretty, this C BAG seems like cool punk style and exudes femininity, so they are two different styles, even Justin Bieber’s supermodel wife Hailey Bieber and Korean group 2ne1 leader CL love it, and they happen to coincide with whole black wearing appearance.

This bag is a calfskin leather that feels very soft to the touch and feels light on the back.

Its buckle switch and check seam are very retro, which are considered to be the CELINE designs from the 1970s and 1980s.

Korean Women’s Group 2NE1 captain CL, Justin Bieber supermodel wife Hailey Bieber love the black C BAG, there is a cool taste.

The B BAG is a combination of black and white color, and it is very eye-catching and is versatile with any color.

Of course, C BAG is full of details. The CELINE Logo on the hardware is aligned with 16 BAG. The metal link of the strap is inspired by the chain of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. The length can be adjusted. The round leather shoulder pad on the strap is to provide comfort for the backpack. The CELINE bronzing logo details are also printed on the top.

For the common cutting places of leather bags, which are often cracked due to degumming, C BAG also uses a very fine edge technology to make the handbag more durable.

It is also first-class in the accommodation, the opening bag is divided into five layers, although it is a small bag, the storage function is extraordinary.

Brand logo details are engraved in hardware details.

The metal ring design strap does not make the bag too heavy.

In addition to the logo on the hardware, the leather also displays the brand logo in hot stamping and embossing.

From the side, the clear visible edging process is not easy to degumming.


It looks like a small C BAG has a five-story storage space, which is practical.

Fashion Can Be Ever-changing, But The Bag of 2019 Must Have The Classic Style http://kirishima.cc/2019/01/22/master-these-matching-skills-and-you-will-be-the-most-fashionable-queen-of-2019/ Tue, 22 Jan 2019 09:17:42 +0000 http://kirishima.cc/?p=419 The trend is always unexpected, recalling the weird styles that have appeared at the fashion shows in recent years. And I feel that I can’t keep up with the step…
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The trend is always unexpected, recalling the weird styles that have appeared at the fashion shows in recent years. And I feel that I can’t keep up with the step of the fashion. With the weird style of fashion, the aesthetics of the bag is also biased: It’s a bag of suitcases, or a bag that can’t fit the key-chain, a bag likes garbage bag, or the garbage bags…

Don’t get me wrong, I can understand the fun of creativity. But you will find that even if you follow the fashion trend to collect more strange packages, you are willing to carry outside only those classic bags.

However, the classic design in the past two years has gradually returned. Some people think that the classics mean old-fashioned and rigid. But in fact, a package can withstand the test of time, precisely because it is practical and simple.

The Celine handbags for each season is a trend, making each celebrity fascinated. The Clasp series of oversized handbags that appeared on the brand’s spring/summer 2017 show will undoubtedly take the new trend of handbags. The compact but tough leather shoulder strap of the Cabas Clasp oversized shoulder strap, the shape is simple and outstanding, classic and versatile, which is quite popular and fine.

Although the trait of fashion is always preference the new things, in 2019, it has always been an indispensable element of the fashion world. As the Clasp collection of Celine Spring/Summer 2017 collection, the designer infused the modern style into this 50s retro version. The Medium Clasp, the Cabas Clasp oversized and the Mini Clasp are available in three different styles on this showing.

This bag is outlined sleek and lightly simple retro shape, which is embellished with a brass gold buckle frame with the three available sizes: extra large, medium and mini.
The large Cabas Clasp is too lazy to be inadvertent and difficult to understand. It is believed to have attracted your attention on the showing, and the thin shoulder straps have a sharp contrast with the oversized bag.

The main Medium Clasp hand-held model perfectly meets the consistent simplicity of brand. With a neat appearance and a central zip pocket as a compartment, it is easy to storage.

On the styling of the showing, one side of the shoulder strap can be put down and the flat closure of the bag is opened, which seems free and easy. In addition, there are 5 kinds of methods for people to take the bag, such as hand-held, one-shoulder and folding, which are clutch or oblique. All of these methods are super flexible.

As a runway to real way day and night handbag, the Mini Clasp, in addition to the size, does not seem to change much.