In cold winter, in addition to a variety of warm coats. People also need a loose trousers to make winter more fashionable and warm. Sweater with loose pants can help people find a warm, slim and stylish wear demonstration. The plush warm sweater creates a lazy and comfortable feel, and the loose pants that have always been regarded as high-profile flattering shape for most body types.

Spring 2019

The short paragraph shows the high shape. If you want to look high, choosing a short paragraph without hesitation, If you want to keep warm, length to the waist, or you can put it into pants.

The short peacock blue sweater is white and temperament, with loose pants of the same color.

The profile is slim. The silhouette of sweater is very suitable for the upper fat body. Plugged the sweater in the front corner will be better!

Sweater with denim loose pants. The denim material is strong in shape and heavy in fabric. It is not tossed with boots or sneakers!
Red-blue is always a wild and beautiful choice.
The unique white turtleneck sweater with denim loose pants is handsome.
Blue-yellow stitching sweaters are individualized and the bow tie is also very lovely.

Sweater with solid loose pants. It is undoubtedly the most versatile of the day and hold a big bag, you are the most fashionable star on the way to work!
Simple light coffee color sweater with beige wide-leg pants, high color and coordination. Choose the same color system, it’s easy to be fashionable and advanced.

Sweater with school uniform loose pants. School uniforms are popular in fashion world, and they are very stylish and casual with sweaters.
The cloak sweater is paired with school uniform pants, and it is fashionable and not lacking in intellectuality. With Celine Classic Sangle lady black bucket bag will be more fashion and cute.

The colorful striped sweater is very youthful and bright, and it is more age-reducing with the school uniform pants.

Sweater with tooling loose pants. Tooling loose pants with a basic sweater, the most common looking with the white shoes, which is fashion and not lose leisure!
The warm red hit the handsome of the tooling and leather clothes, lost the feminine temperament of the girls in the past, which is more cold and windy. The gentle and lack of handsome to make up the posture, it is also very popular!

Sweater with striped loose pants. The white sweater with striped loose pants has its own casual feeling. And the front corner is stuffed into the pants, which makes people feel more lazy and comfortable.
The stripes have the attributes of classic temperament, which are used in the same color system to give a more advanced sense.