History of Japan Kirishima City

Japan Kirishima City is located in the north of Kagoshima Bay in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. It was established on November 7, 2005, which is the second-largest city in Kagoshima Prefecture. Because it is located at the junction of the Satsuma Peninsula and the Dagu Peninsula, and is adjacent to Miyazaki Prefecture, it is the transportation center of Kagoshima Prefecture. Many national highways and railways pass through it. The Kagoshima Airport, the largest airport in southern Kyushu, is also located in here. In 2007, it became a sister city with Liuyang City, Hunan Province.

Best Travel Time: Spring and Autumn

Recommended Days of Play: 1-2 Days

Local Climate: Humid Continental Climate

Language: Japanese


No.1 Kirishima Shrine;

No.2 Kirishima Onsen;

No.3 Kareigawa Station;

No.4 Ebino Plateau

No.1 Japan Kirishima Shrine

Japan’s Kirishima Shrine make the soul and beliefs purify. First of all, tickets are free. Kirishima Shrine is located in Kirishima, Kagoshima, Japan, and was created between Takachiho and Hiroshi. In 1484, it was rebuilt in the present place.

The shrine hall, which was sent by the fourth generation of the Satsuma, the main island of Tsujiji, was very luxuriously decorated and designated as an important cultural property of Japan. The Kirishima Shrine is so solemn for the red lacquered main hall, and the scenery is particularly charming when it comes to the cherry blossoms and maple leaves. There is also a soup for the tourists to soak in the foot of the big bird’s arch in the Kirishima Shrine, making it a famous sightseeing spot in Kirishima.

Take a bus from JR Nikko Main Line Kirishima Shrine Station and get off at Kirishima Shrine Station. The visit time is from 8:00 to 18:00.

No.2 Kirishima Onsen

Kirishima Onsen is on the mountainside of Kirishima Mountain, you can overlook Kagoshima Bay and Sakurajima from here. The area is made up of twelve Onsens, the largest of which is Maruzu Onsen. With its central location, Maruzu Onsen represents the entire Kirishima Onsen area. And there are many hotels and guesthouse around the Kirishima Onsen. Many of their springs are flowing, and each round of steaming looks like a large smoke.

Although Kirishima has been extremely developed, it has high quality water and it is close proximity to the natural beauty of Kirishima, making Kirishima a good base for exploring the national park. In addition, it is similar to the Ebino Plateau and Kirishima Shrine. Open Time: 11:00-18:00.

No.3 Kareigawa Station

Kawakegawa Station was built in 1903, and is the oldest station in Kagoshima Prefecture. It was recorded in the tangible cultural heritage of Japan in 2006. The station is a wooden structure, and when the train slowly comes from afar, it seems to have passed through a hundred years of time and space. The waiting room and the ticket window are still the same as before, and the time seems to solidify here.

No.4 Ebino Plateau

Ebino Plateau is one of the Kirishima Mountaineering Bases. In the northern part of the plateau, there are fixed pools and other Crater Lake which can be viewed along the natural research road. The color of the lake is the cobalt blue characteristic of the volcanic lake. It will form a sharp contrast in the seasons of the trees and the green leaves. It is a spa-rich sanatorium that can relieve fatigue in a hotel or bathing facility after hiking or climbing.