The Celine Luggage bag is a very popular style nowadays. We can see that it will appear in the street carrying by many famous stars and celebrities, and it is now a long-lasting trend. Celine has been around for more than 60-year history, women’s handbags become the main project of Celine, which is loved by the European upper class because of its fine workmanship, let’s take a look the  detailed introduction.

In 1946, Celine was founded in leather and has a full 60 years of history. Since the transfer in 1959, women’s handbags have become the main project of Celine. The first boutique was mainly selling children’s shoes, and the leather goods series was followed. It is practical, and it is a hand-made product that is hand-sewn and finished like a horse model, that is why it is the favorite of European high society. Now that it has been 13 years, Celine Luggage Bag is still a hot spot for celebrities and hipsters, and it has become a long-lasting fashion item.

Celine Luggage

The Celine Luggage Boston collection features high-quality leather and python skin for a perfect texture, while the front of the bag looks like a “human face” so it is called a smiley bag! The finest materials and high-quality craftsmanship from the inside out, inadvertently embodying the simplicity and luxury of the Celine Luggage bag, at the same time, this bag also has great practicality and functionality, so it is inevitable to call IT bag.

Brooklyn DeCKer

The blue bat Luggage version is very simple and cute, and it complements the simple and cute outfit of the white T+ black bib + black shoes.

Bar Refaeli

Bar Refaeli’s classic black and white two-color Luggage bag, black and white clearly makes the “face” part clearer, very interesting, and more comfortable with black and white.

Kate Upton

Sexy supermodel Kate Upton also has a special liking for Celine Luggage. This leopard-printed Celine Luggage is more in line with her temperament, and is the finishing touch of her black and white.

Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio

Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio loves this bag. Recently, it is often carried, black and white gray sweater with black leggings and high boots. Under the loose sweater, there is no big belly. The boots are also low-heeled, plus this Celine Luggage. The package is more attractive.

Kate Walsh

Since last year, this bag has been accompanied by Kate Walsh. The plaid shirt dress is very unique. With a short leather jacket and motorcycle boots, it can show the charm of the Luggage bag under the youthful combination.

Miley Cyrus

The same is a very casual match, the body is basically black and gray, but this fluorescent yellow Celine Luggage bag makes the overall match very beautiful, the loose vest makes the bra slightly exposed, Miley Cyrus’ sports casual dress is more charming.

Alessandra Ambrosio

Phantom series crocodile pattern bat Celine Luggage bag. The “Phantom” series represents a new attitude, casual but yet luxurious, simple but distinct. It can show its extraordinary charm with ordinary clothes.