The trend is always unexpected, recalling the weird styles that have appeared at the fashion shows in recent years. And I feel that I can’t keep up with the step of the fashion. With the weird style of fashion, the aesthetics of the bag is also biased: It’s a bag of suitcases, or a bag that can’t fit the key-chain, a bag likes garbage bag, or the garbage bags…

Don’t get me wrong, I can understand the fun of creativity. But you will find that even if you follow the fashion trend to collect more strange packages, you are willing to carry outside only those classic bags.

However, the classic design in the past two years has gradually returned. Some people think that the classics mean old-fashioned and rigid. But in fact, a package can withstand the test of time, precisely because it is practical and simple.

The Celine handbags for each season is a trend, making each celebrity fascinated. The Clasp series of oversized handbags that appeared on the brand’s spring/summer 2017 show will undoubtedly take the new trend of handbags. The compact but tough leather shoulder strap of the Cabas Clasp oversized shoulder strap, the shape is simple and outstanding, classic and versatile, which is quite popular and fine.

Although the trait of fashion is always preference the new things, in 2019, it has always been an indispensable element of the fashion world. As the Clasp collection of Celine Spring/Summer 2017 collection, the designer infused the modern style into this 50s retro version. The Medium Clasp, the Cabas Clasp oversized and the Mini Clasp are available in three different styles on this showing.

This bag is outlined sleek and lightly simple retro shape, which is embellished with a brass gold buckle frame with the three available sizes: extra large, medium and mini.
The large Cabas Clasp is too lazy to be inadvertent and difficult to understand. It is believed to have attracted your attention on the showing, and the thin shoulder straps have a sharp contrast with the oversized bag.

The main Medium Clasp hand-held model perfectly meets the consistent simplicity of brand. With a neat appearance and a central zip pocket as a compartment, it is easy to storage.

On the styling of the showing, one side of the shoulder strap can be put down and the flat closure of the bag is opened, which seems free and easy. In addition, there are 5 kinds of methods for people to take the bag, such as hand-held, one-shoulder and folding, which are clutch or oblique. All of these methods are super flexible.

As a runway to real way day and night handbag, the Mini Clasp, in addition to the size, does not seem to change much.