The Old Céline of Phoebe Philo period is full of charming simplicity and elegance, while the CELINE after Hedi Slimane takes over has gorgeous personality. If we talk about the best combination of styles on both sides, this is the CELINE TRIOMPHE handbag, which combines modern modernity with vintage charm thanks to the lines of the square and the delicate buckle design, becoming the new generation of CELINE It Bag.

CELINE TRIOMPHE bag uses the embossed lock on the opening and closing of the handbag as a symbol of personality. Art Director Hedi Slimane reconstructed the official logo of CELINE in the 1970s. This is Celine Vipiana, the founder of the brand, who happened to fall into the eye of TRIOMPHE chain of Arc de Triomphe after a car broke down. As a result, she created Blazon Chaine metal buckles, which were widely used in handbags, jewelry and footwear designs, and became a unique emblem of the brand.

For many people, the first sight of Triomphe is a natural reminder of the previous generation of timeless CELINE Classic Box bags. Indeed, the two bags are quite similar in size and material and structure. In a sense, Céline Triomphe is the “upgraded” version of the Classic Box designed by Hedi.

Céline Triomphe bag is a historical inspiration package that pays tribute to CELINE’s founder, Ms. Celine Vipiana. The compact bag with decorative buckles makes it the simplest masterpiece in the new CELINE bags. The buckle is in line with the dual C design in the eline Archive. It is a bag that is both retro and elegant, and tribute to the brand’s history. The CELINE Triomphe handbag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap that ensures it can be used as a shoulder bag or cross-body bag. Girls of all heights can find the best proportions.

Moreover, this fall, CELINE TRIOMPHE handbags are also ushered in a brand new color system, with rare leather and smooth calf leather material to create slippery lines, and dyed with autumn and winter flavor of Burgundy red, earthenware, ochre yellow, caramel, celadon and stone grey, although small, but still retains excellent practicality since it contains roomy storage capacity of three big compartments, zipper pockets, and card slots. There is also a strap that can be adjusted in length makes its functionality terribly upgraded.

CELINE TRIOMPHE bag, which is suitable for casual or formal occasions, has also let numerous celebs compete to carry it including Angelina Jolie, Lisa of BLACKPINK, supermodel Liu Wen and so on.

CELINE TRIOMPHE bag is undoubtedly the most fashionable topic handbag this fall. Have you got it?