For accessories, in order to get the favor of consumers, in addition to the unique design inspiration, it is very important to choose a suitable material. More and more treasures are applied to the craft bags, which is the main material. Not only from the perspective of environmental protection, but more consumers prefer this delicate leather feel.

Even so, not all cowhide is popular. There are a lot of mysteries that need to be mastered. Let’s start with the most basic ones. In the process of using cowhide, cortex screening is the key for carrying out. Only the top layer calfskin will be used to make luxury bags. This is why it is top layer calfskin is the most popular. Full grain skin can distinguish the animal skin from the pore size and density. We only analyze cowhide today.

The types and characteristics of calfskin
There are many types of calfskin, such as cow hides, meat cowhide, yellow cowhide, buffalo leather and yak cowhide. Among them, the pores of buffalo are thicker and more sparse, while the yellow cowhide is thinner and denser than the pores of buffalo. Most luxury bags are made of buttermilk calfskin, which is finer and softer.

The calfskin used for decoration can be divided into a top layer skin and a second layer skin.
The top layer calfskin is leather with grain. There are natural scars and blood scars on the leather surface, and occasionally there are knife wounds during processing and intestines with very low utilization rate. The imported top layer skin also has the numbering of cattle. The surface has original skin characteristics. Top layer calfskin is located on the outermost layer of the cowhide surface. The leather is the most flexible/smooth and has different thicknesses.
The top layer calfskin has grain, shaved, embossed, etc. Wherein the embossed calfskin is heated and pressed on the surface of the leather with patterned flower plates (aluminum or copper).

Second layer cowhide is the upper and lower layers of thicker cowhide cross-section. The leather is re-bonded with PU material on the surface. It is suitable for making mid-range leather products, which looks very grade. There is no difference in appearance with top layer calfskin.

Celine Tri-fold bag

This is made from a whole piece of imported top layer calfskin, which is very soft and the materials are especially real without leaving creases even knead. And this material is more and more brighter! Size: 32*33*19.

On Celine Tri-fold collection, people can see many classic fashion DNA of Celine: iconic inverted T-shaped design is similar to smile pack, strip-shaped belt decoration is similar to the belt series, superior leather and combination of Athens design inspiration, the style of Tri-fold exudes classical and noble elegance.