If you choose to make a photo background for a season, I will definitely choose winter. The whole world is white, and any color can be integrated into the background. However, it is very beautiful, the temperature is also below zero. Follow me and give you the advice – this winter is both beautiful and warm.

Indispensable inside single item: small turtleneck shirt and cashmere tights
Turtleneck shirt is very important to keep warm in the winter and close personal items.
The small turtleneck is used as the lining. Whether it is a sweater or a jacket, it has a shape and a layer. The most important thing is warmth.
The black inside must be the best to wear, increasing the gas field and the sense of well-being.
If you wear a dark sweater, the white interior can brighten the overall look.

Black Cashmere tights is the best accessory to wear. you can choose different thickness of the villi according to the temperature, and no need to worry about bloated.
Celebrity Olivia is most likely to wear black tights out of the street in autumn and winter.
In addition to black, burgundy, gray and camel brown are also essential for autumn and winter seasons.

Warm artifact: down jacket and fur one-piece coat (skull patch coat)

Long section is feminine and romantic.
Jacket is refined and suitable for some smaller size girls.
If the little fat body, wide-leg pants with down jacket will be better.

The fur one-piece coat (skull patch coat) is the best item for winter. The fur is warm and not heavy, and the leather can be lower than the cold wind. The key is that it is very fashionable.
The most recommended for this long paragraph, the warmth is self-evident, the most important thing is that it is really fashionable.

Of course, long boots are also an indispensable match in winter.
Over-the-knee boots are the must-have items for every fashion icon. It can not only modify the leg shape but also make the legs look more longer. Most importantly, it is very warm! And the versatility of over-the-knee boots is something you can’t imagine.

Celebrity Olivia loves knee boots, and each pair is very beautiful.

The most important thing is that you need a bag to enrich your winter – Celine Symmetrical handbag.
The shape of the flip, but the fixed part is somewhat like a cross, also known as the doctor’s bag. Symmetrical is Celine’s first “two-sided open” design. Both sides can be opened and closed and the two sides are also symmetrical, which is also the origin of the package name, the structure is very strong. It can be worn with any of the above, so that you can take a new height this winter.