Phoebe Philo, a talented designer with clothing and value, became the CEO of Celine in 2010. Almost every bag that has been launched has become a popular IT Bag in the fashion world, and all works are sought after consumers!
The Belt Bag launched in 2014 is one of them. Because there are two long bags hanging on both sides, like the shape of a squid, which is called “squid bag”. The ingenious belt design makes this commuter bag very lively.
This bag continues classic inverted T-bag style of Celine that the design is simple. As the complicated decoration is removed, so the whole body is lighter in weight. Even if you put a lot of documents at any time, the weight is not a problem.
The long belt hanging down at the cover, which is full of fun. Because there is no extra compartment, the capacity is very large. It is no wonder that each celebrities have one hand, because this bag not only reflects the taste of holder, but it is more favored because of its superior practicality.
Whether it’s material or color, the matching of Celine is just wonderful. The styles are sleek two-tone calf leather or natural monochrome calf leather, and there is also a luxurious monochrome crocodile leather. In terms of color, there are rich choices of navy blue, black, gray, milky white, and tan color in monochrome or double colors.
The width of the shoulder strap of the Celine squid bag is just right. It doesn’t feel thick or thin on the back. No matter what the load is, you won’t feel the oppressive of the shoulder strap. The shoulder strap can be adjusted by knotting, which is fashionable and practical.
The smallest number of bottomless squid bag micro belt 25CM shoulder strap knotted length
The bottom of the medium has a studded squid pack mini belt 28CM squid must be tied up and lengthened
If look at the details, person will find that Celine bags are particularly pleasing on the splicing of the leather. Just like the stitching of this calfskin and suede, it seems that the whole bag will look more luxury, and at the same time, there will be a more layered feeling in the different expression of gloss.
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Katie Holmes
Liu Wen,Supermodel
Even the inside is still full of skin, even the splicing color is perfect. Even the close-up viewing, texture and color are quite saturated.
In terms of design, the front belt is fixed and the cover can be fully buckled on. In addition, the handle of the squid bag is passed through the cover, so no matter how the bag moves, it will not pull the cover, then it can be better maintaining the entire shape of the bag.