Let’s review the style of autumn/winter 2017 handbag. Mackintosh Raincoat Celine Big Bag is the most eye-catching new handbag on the autumn/winter 2017 show combining all the iconic elements of Celine’s classic handbags: the signature handles of the Luggage, the whole body made of entire cowhide, inverted T-shaped gusset structure, leather belt design, and drawstring closure.
Big bag fascinating details review
Open practical design on both sides
The most eye-catching point is the design of the opening on both sides of the bag, just like a pair of unfolding wings. In fact, many of the Celine bags have also made this outward-extending wing part. Linked to the drawing design, which can be used to change different shapes, the big bag seems personality and its capacity is also increased a lot.
The design of this detail is to consider that the girls should always put some small things when carrying bags. It is very inconvenient to open the bags all the time, so it is thoughtfulness to put some small things into the small mouth. So this designer really knows the girl’s mind.
Big bag also made a zip pocket at the back, which is also convenience for girls. Usually put some change, cards and the like, it is very easy to take.
In terms of materials, it is the first time for this series to use the softest unattached calf leather, which is the soft and natural texture. The edge of leather is specially treated with no oil that highlights casual style of this series. This bag is available in two sizes.
Size comparison
Large size: 41*41*36cm
Small size: 24*24*22cm

The street style of celebrities 

Cool-light colors
Black,white or gray are the basic color. This collection is always used to take desert or dry color. But if life is full of monotonous sentiment with only black, white or gray. Of course, Big Bag is willing to bring colorful world to person.
For the red bag, most people will choose a small size for easy control. After all, the large area of red is too displayed. And no matter what size it is, this bag is still stylish! So, if you like beautiful bright colors and don’t want to be too conspicuous, this bag will be the best choice.
Black Celine big bag: there is few bag that big bag can put the handle on the shoulder, more significant, the bags matching the arm is also very good.
Large capacity, light weight, low-profile personality
It’s a very troublesome thing for girls to go out bringing abundant various items. Small and exquisite bags look well but the capacity is too small. This time, big bag is reasonable used. So, many fashion people love this big bag. After all, the value High, feel good,Commuting bag, it is difficult to miss it.