When referring to “simple,” Celine won’t be left. For concise line, no decoration and chic use, Celine products is no wonder the favorite by the influx of people and become the season’s IT Bag models.

Twisted Cabas is not only loved by the fashion-people, but also is one of the favorite items by Phoebe Philo, the creative director. Using a twisted handle to gently twist the bag and adjusts the length by knotting, this bag is simple to operate. The three-dimensional structure of the bucket is obvious. Splicing design, you can choose the color that suits your mood based on your own preferences, and of course, you can do both. Anyway, it looks good. This package has two sizes: Small: 26.5*37*12cm, Oversized: 36*48*16cm. It is said that the Oversized has been discontinued. However, for me, small size is enough.

Unique design
Twisted Cabas is simple, but does not mean that there is no sense of design. Kink design is easy and cute with adjust the straps making it easier to wear. Adding popular wide shoulder strap elements this year, the entire bag around the fashion trend. This bag is usually made by splicing two different colors of leather and then adjusting the length of the tie, almost every detail is full of exquisite which is none can match. The simple knotting design gives us infinite imaginations that are whimsical, and contains the best of all worlds. This is just a dream-filled pocket, with your hopes, to the future together.

Severe process
The Celine Twisted Cabas can only be manufactured using the finest imported leather embryos and then painted with nature plant pigment. The craftsman must avoid the calfskin’s scars when cutting, and choose the thickness of the uniform and flawless part. Though this selection method is very wasteful of leather, Celine pursues a high level of service. Therefore, the brand is willing to spend time and money on materials and workmanship. Low-key and luxurious, it is definitely the model of the industry.

The Summary
There are bloggers saying that this is very suitable for commuting, and I think that commuting may have better options. For instance, a tote with a larger width than the length, a zipper, and a strong structure may be more appropriate. Because of the irregular design, softness leather system, not strong stability, no zipper or button closure, and relatively occupied, it isn’t suit commuting except the large capacity. While this package is more suitable for summer than other seasons.for wearing too mach will not easy to carry this large bag outside. However, using street photography is also a good choice. High-cold color stitching, graceful contour design, is very suitable for the street shoot concave style.