On the evening of June 22, I saw a photo of big cousin, Liu Wen who shared on the Internet.

In the photo, Liu Wen’s height really has a new breakthrough. This perspective seems to be “breaking through the sky”. Ah, the length of the leg is two-meter eight!

Liu Wen, the first Asian model to board the Victoria’s secret. The work of her is earnest and dedicated, nevertheless, she is very warm-hearted and low-key. Seeing her smile seems that all the troubles can be dispelled, and no one can compare the temperament that comes from inside to outside.

Light blue shirt and jeans, and the fresh color matches the sky very well. Supermodel’s temperament lies in: standing alone is a focal point. It is a beautiful landscape. Liu Wen is like this.

The eye-catching photos immediately attracted the onlookers of the netizen. Her photographers also appeared and sunk their scenes when they took photos of Liu Wen. It can be said to be very sad! However, it was also a hassle to take beautiful photos.

The big cousin is very beautiful and even casual clothes are all landscapes. However, Liu Wen’s bag is very shining. Celine Frame adds a touch of elegance and style to simple outfits, but this color control factor can be difficult! While I only care about nothing expect her handbag. Then let’s talk about the cousin’s Frame and feel the supermodel’s taste.

Frame Just like its name: a photo frame. And unlike the previous Celine’s feeling of cold, this package is more casual and not so “Indifferent!”

Clear and simple lines are particularly durable. Also with some retro charm, low-key and daily use. Adopting the most popular wide shoulder strap elements at the moment, it adds a full literary atmosphere in the simple style!

The Simple Frame uses soft calfskin with a strong skin feeling. Coupled with beautiful youthful matching color and distinctive conflicting color which let the gorgeous experience of whole year with themselves. It will be the center wherever you go. The size of the bag is ideal for daily life: shopping, dating or outdoor playing, this bag will bring you a comfortable experience. This bag must be fashion by slinging, convenient and unique. Of course, you can also hold it in your hand and give people a feeling full of coolness when walking.

No matter how many bags you have, this Celine Frame is still need to own. Not only is her exquisite workmanship, but her design is very unique that is no other bag can be compared. So, go and pick a Frame that belongs to yourself carrying your favorite colors with you.