Most of the previous bags are made of leather, which feels smooth, while they need to be carefully managed–care must be taken when using it. If the brand wants to make a bag with a more durable material, is it more popular? Celine uses this idea as a starting point to design the Celine Patchwork canvas bag. The large capacity with canvas material are the key that this bag quickly occupied the forefront of It Bag. It also makes a big wave of fans for the brand.

When winter arrives, the number of things people need to carry when traveling is increased accordingly. Therefore, large-capacity bags will be more popular. And compared to other materials, canvas has its own unique advantages.

The canvas is strong in plasticity, soft to the touch, and resistant to wear. Therefore, the accessories made of this material are also the new darling of the current fashion. This canvas bag is basically versatile and can be worn with any outfit. The one-tone canvas bag is the most common item and is very practical.

Many people like the unique charm of Celine, without the signature pattern. However, it also has the features that can be recognized at a glance like a high-end luxury package. Since confirming that Phoebe Philo has left the family, Celine will not insist on minimalism and become a hot topic of discussion. However, these fluctuations will not delay the launch of new bags. In addition to the classic Box, Bucket bag, and Belt bag that is familiar to public. This year, Celine is even more unique.

The Celine Patchwork canvas bag meets many consumers who are obsessed with the Tote bag. I really fell in love with this canvas pocket with a Parisian lazy style. Although the material is canvas, but loose. Or the fat design bag is fit for the body, showing a kind of chic neutral beauty that looks very individual.

This bag is perfect for the shoulders. Of course, if the person is tall enough, it will be the good way to holding it, looking quite fashionable. Style is also the simple. Although the logo is conspicuous, it doesn’t make people feel awkward, and the range has a playful or energetic inside. Even those who don’t like big logo will not be resistant to this bag.

It has small package with the same material inside. As the space is large enough, it is more convenient to use.

Of course, in addition to the canvas material. It also has leather and spliced shapes. No matter which material package is available, it will be unforgettable. And the solid color and decorative pattern also add fashion and chic to the bag in this simple design.