In 2018, the Belt can be the most popular It Bag. As for the departure of the beautiful designer, at the same time, this bag is simple and stylish and super practical, so it is still very popular for customers. The nano launched this year is more suitable for the size of a small and exquisite girl. Because the blogger has introduced this bag to everyone before, today the blogger wants to share with people the experience of using the bag. And the friends who like this bag can feel its charm better.

Switch mode: compared with Trapez open mode
The Belt bag is double-opened with a belt trim on the front side of this bag. On the one hand, it adds a playful and lively feeling to the original classic bag. On the other hand, it can be used to fix the cover, so that the bag can be used more securely. Even in the case of opening, the contents of the bag can be secured.

Differences in the details of different sizes of belt:
Let’s take a closer look at the bags in this series by comparing the three sizes of belts.
The Belt bag has four sizes: Small, Micro, Mini and Nano.
Small: 30 X 24 X 22 CM(it’s out of production, so I won’t make a comparison here)
Mini :28 X 23 X 17 CM
Size comparison, wear effect

In addition to the difference in size, the internal structure and accessories of this bag are also different.

Lock design
Both the Mini and Micro are used with the barb lock, while the Nano is a magnetic lock, which makes the switch package more convenient.

Shoulder strap
Compared to the Mini and Micro shoulder straps, the Nano shoulder strap is designed with an adjustable shoulder strap that can be adjusted to suit the needs of people without having to worry about the shoulder strap being too long or too much.

Even the Micro belt can be adjusted to fit the size of person. Symmetrical drip of knots at both ends of the metal buckle, so that the shoulder strap can be shortened. And this small change can bring a different sense of style, immediately giving a bright and delicate feeling. Of course, if you think that the two squid of belt must be too long, you can play two symmetrical knots, and the fashion level will increase several times.

Structure appearance
Next, let’s look at the back of this Belt bag. There are zip closure compartments on the back of the Mini and Micro. While the Nano has no zipper closure pocket at the back of the bag. As for the bottom: except the Mini size, the Micro and Nano has no nail.